As we all know, the high-performance, high-reliability numerical control system, servo drive device and high-quality matching components in the design of CNC cutting machine tools can greatly improve the reliability of domestic CNC cutting machine tools. The following describes how our company can enhance the quality awareness of employees through the reliability design in the process of designing and manufacturing multi-station CNC cutting machine tools, guarantee the product quality with work quality, improve the reliability of CNC cutting machine tools, and provide users with satisfaction and application. Products and constantly win user orders.

1. Demonstrate the feasibility of product design through process test

The multi-station CNC cutting machine combination machine designed and manufactured by our company is a special machine tool for deep hole machining. On the basis of in-depth understanding of user needs, the first step is to conduct a process test on the key technology involved in user demand--"deep small hole processing technology", and demonstrate the feasibility of product design through process test to ensure that the designed product can meet user needs. .

2. Adopting mature modular components

The structural design of the multi-station CNC cutting machine tool adopts the modular components verified by our company through mass production, such as CNC sliding table with linear rolling guide, small drilling power head, high-precision CNC turning table and so on.

3. Summarize experience and lessons

The quality information of the previous production combined machine tool and after-sales service feedback was analyzed, and the requirements for improvement such as protection, wiring and appearance of the machine tool were proposed.

4. Use high quality control systems and components

The machine tool uses high-performance, high-reliability CNC system, servo drive, supporting functional components, electrical components, and detection components to ensure machine reliability.

5. Correct use of the functions of the CNC system

In the application of high-performance CNC system, due to incorrect parameter setting and unreasonable logic control program, the CNC cutting machine tool is often shipped with problems. When the user uses it, it finds that there is a problem and affects the reputation of the product. For example, when the pitch error compensation function of the application system corrects the positioning accuracy of the CNC cutting machine, the incorrect parameter setting will rotate the turret to the same direction, which will bring more and more errors; incorrect acceleration and deceleration time Constant settings can cause shocks to the machine's drive mechanism.